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ABlackGuyfromAmerica US Observer (8 days 15 hours ago)

AmeriKKKa is lame.

Arthur GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (24 days 23 hours ago)

The United Kingdom is better than the United States of America. The U.K is a much safer place to live as a whole. Gun crime in the U.K is incredibly low compared to the USA's, due to the fact that it's illegal in this country. The U.K also has considerably lower rates of racial discrimination and prejudice in the country, which cannot be said for the USA; (Baltimore, Charleston etc). Obesity levels in the United Kingdom are much lower than the U.S. Also, our sport is much better as a whole. Football, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby and currently Boxing and Swimming are all sports in which Britain has been or currently is better at than the United States. Oh, and not to mention your appalling political system as well, due to the fact Donald Trump is actually allowed to go anywhere near a campaign to become "Leader of the Free World". However, if I were to take anything from America, it would be their incredibly deluded sense of patriotism. Long live the queen!

Josh GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (2 months 24 days ago)

erm...we colonised the Continent of North America alongside France when GB was already thousands of years old- there is no competition i'm afraid

Person GB Voted for United States United States (2 months 25 days ago)

Hang on..... Aren't Americans British anyways.... They are British people (Facepalm) lol

Guy GB Voted for United States United States (2 months 25 days ago)

Im British but I would prefer to live in America over Britain. I love the UK but I dont think the Leaders of the UK love me or anyone who is English anymore, I'd prefer to live in America where everything is bigger and better! If I had a choice when i die, i still want to be buried within the soils of Britain but I think Britain is a sinking ship at the moment with the immigration and I personally feel like I want to get off before im brought down with my beloved England. I love the patriotism of Americans and I wish Britain was like it. US have done great things but then again so has Britain. I think the authority of Britain cares more about money and immigrants than they do indigenous Brits, therefore I want to leave to a country that sticks up for their people. Donald Trump for President! WOOP WOOP! :D

Joe GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (3 months 7 days ago)

Guess what America... You were our empire, your ancestors are British. Stop bullsh*tting and embrace the fact, you f*cked us over. We were the best country in the world until you rebeled, I mean Jesus. Stop going on about our teeth, it's a pointless stereotype and I'm pretty sure you could find just as many yanks with dodgy teeth aswell !!

jack GB Observer (3 months 17 days ago)

both as good as each other

Harry GB Observer (3 months 21 days ago)

U.K. Is a better place to live I live here and I love it Americans are just jelous

Sprattyman GB Observer (3 months 25 days ago)

someone said america made the internet however the main person on the team was english he was called tim berners-lee

Luna US Voted for United States United States (3 months 28 days ago)

I love the UK. I might not be from there but I love it. I also love America. I don't really understand why we are bashing each other or saying stereotypical things about each other when both countries are amazing. In fact, all countries have their strengths and weaknesses and they are all beautiful in their own way.

Tom GB Observer (4 months 3 days ago)

In response to Evan Jean: It was British scientists who invented the Internet, Television and the lightbulb. America didn't "invent" Microsoft, Apple and Coca Cola they're just American companies. So well done.

Rio GB Observer (4 months 7 days ago)

Isnt this kinda unfair considering there's like 4 times more people in america than UK?

Thomas GB Observer (4 months 8 days ago)


Joe GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (4 months 11 days ago)

They are both good countries but I choose Britain because all the Americans in the comments use stereotypes

Johnny Appleseed US Observer (4 months 11 days ago)

They're both great countries, they're close allies, why the hell is everyone arguing which one is better? They're both great, powerful countries.. Quit arguing :)

YourBestTroll US Voted for United States United States (4 months 12 days ago)

F*ck the Brits I say. USA is better then any other country lol

DAS AR Voted for United States United States (4 months 12 days ago)

Americaahhhh Nah in all seriousness I know nothing about neither of em just that murica blows up things, and makes cool games :P But I do like overall british people and America sounds more epic than united kingdom

Dovah GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (4 months 12 days ago)

I bet none of you f***ing idiots know what it's like living in either country, so the fact that you're blindly judging them based on stereotypes, lies and events that occurred hundreds of years ago show that you're f***ing stupid. On one side, you have the stupid kind of Americans - the racist people who believe they're superior to everyone else whilst using lies and stereotypes as facts to back up their ludicrous statements. Plus, they can't let go of the past. On the other, you have the stupid kind of Brits - illiterate morons who think that everything they say is right and everyone else is wrong, and think that their country is better because of petty little things like 'free health care', obesity rates and gun violence. You see? Everyone f***ing LOSES. Both countries have their own faults, like all countries do. It's fine to be patriotic, but you're f***ing stupid to insult people because of their nationality or think your country is better than theirs. I want off this planet...

Jdock98 GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (4 months 12 days ago)

This just comes to show how ignorant some of the Americans are. Some of you are judging a country based on it's ability to blow things up kill people? And you're using stereotypes as insults? Really? I have American friends who would be shaking their heads at this. We're allies. We should be respecting each other. This is just another example to show how we've failed as a species.

MaxCarthy US Voted for United States United States (4 months 15 days ago)

Why do you drink so much tea?

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