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John Doe US Voted for United States United States (2 days 17 hours ago)

How's about we have a hypothetical war. America vs the UK. I'm putting my money on America, better weaponry and a better military. Not to mention our country doesn't spend their time sipping tea, rather we work on revolutionizing technology. What's the last thing the UK has done that's really made any bit of a difference or got any attention, other than your stupid queen and now stupid prince?

razer GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (8 days 3 hours ago)

the uk is generally a safer place to live, i will point out everything we have that you dont, free healthcare, longer paid vacation time, our dates make logical sense, free cash machines, intuitive coin systems, the nickel is the only u.s coin inscribed with a numerical amount, student debt is manageable, more accepting of ideologies. A lot of you seem to look at the past e.g moon landings, instead i suggest you focus on the contemporary arguments to place.

James GB Observer (27 days 1 hour ago)

I weep for humanity if this is how ignorant and stupid Americans are

James GB Observer (27 days 1 hour ago)

Alexis, if America goes to war with Britain, the likelihood of china and Russia teaming up against the Us is huge, and seriously what are Canada and Mexico gonna do??? no offense. Also, Britain has revolutionised science, music, industry and technology so you don't win there, and who gives one if someone lands on the moon (is that all you can say about the US) and it was probably staged anyway, AND Russia beat the US in the space race, probably because America's technology is garbage. I admire ur patriotism but not your ignorance, so go out and research and u should find that the technology you use everyday was made in Britain. Seriously, get educated!!!

James GB Observer (27 days 1 hour ago)

In the US, 68% of the adults are obese and have health problems, meaning the healthcare, health and education in part is a shambles. U consume the most oil and resources (9 planets worth for each individual as they say), and have lost in the middle east, the war of 1812 and Vietnam. Just saying the Us is pretty weaker than they say they are and not what they say they are.

James GB Observer (27 days 1 hour ago)

Caroline, The British have invented a lot more the America. Firstly, they made the world wide web, the television, computer and telephone. They revolutionized science and music with the best known and best selling artists in history. They also made the jet engine and the steam engine during the industrial revolution. America's technology is mostly based off Germany and several other European areas which made nuclear power, rockets and cars. America is a fraud and has lost a lot of wars in the modern day world, what does that say?

James GB Observer (27 days 1 hour ago)

And also the British made the television, jeez

James GB Observer (27 days 1 hour ago)

evan jean, please learn history and do some research. U.S didn't do as much in comparison to Europe in ww2 and joseph swan, a brit, made the light bulb initially and Edison only commercialized it :)

Evan Jean US Voted for United States United States (29 days 10 hours ago)

Who invented the internet, Microsoft, Apple, Coca Cola, Television, THE LIGHT BULB.

Evan Jean US Voted for United States United States (29 days 10 hours ago)

All I have to say is; who saved who in WWII?

bill GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 2 days ago)

Caroline, open a history book, that's not American, read a bit, and then correct the phrase "we have achieved more".

Caroline US Observer (1 month 2 days ago)

The U.S. definitely came from Britain but think. WE have accomplished much more.Britain MAY have Europe on their side if we do go into war, but look at Europe. THEY ARE LOSING THEIR OWN COUNTRY! All the muslims are practically TAKING OVER! You might have some of the best universities, yes I agree with that but... Our technology is getting BETTER BY THE YEAR! Our constitution is probably the greatest because we believe in OUR PEOPLES RIGHTS! And it's not like the U.S. would attack the UK cause we're allies! Everyone country now a days are having trouble. And on this freaking website America has more votes of being better!

Scott GB Observer (1 month 5 days ago)

I'm from Northern Ireland would have go say the UK is better because we admit our flaws and if you're measuring and country's greatness by its military then your country is not great.

Jack sparrow US Voted for United States United States (2 months 10 hours ago)

Love how so many Brits are saying "we have better literacy, a better schooling system, smarter people" but yet still don't know the difference between "you're and "your" or "then" and "than". Read about 20 messages just like that. Go figure people of Britain, go figure.

(Insert Name Here) Observer (2 months 15 days ago)

I'm from America, my family origin comes from 6 countries, including England. I love bot the UK and the US. I have nothing bad to say about neither places. I don't care about who won over wars, I don't care if America used a language from UK, I don't care who made more inventions. I like both places. The history is awesome, the places are awesome, and my two favorite YouTubers are from both places. People need to stop being stuck in the past about the American Revolution.

Rhehan CA Voted for United States United States (2 months 29 days ago)

As a Canadian, i would def pick the US. I think its really stupid that the queen is still part of Canada and it should kick the UK and the queen out and become a republic like the US. The only good thing the queen does is take money from us to pay for some pointless wedding. FYI, on a more cultural basis were more American. As well the US is more multicultural than the UK. The US is only 75% white and the UK is 85% white. The US has more black people, which makes them more awesome. Out of my experience, I find Americans more friendly. The UK is just as racist as the US but are more closed about it, which is why the US gets hung for it more.

TIGER PK Observer (3 months 5 days ago)

UK is better, They are real peaceful peoples, froM Pakistan

Calum GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (3 months 5 days ago)

I definitely think the UK is better. If it wasn't for the UK there would be no America. You seem to boast at how u saved us in WW2, created/ invented more but really you've done no more than anyone else. Yes you did greatly help the UK, I'm not gonna deny that. You take credit for things that aren't even urs! You slag off our monarchy saying we're stuck in the past. Our country is run by our government, not our monarchy. We have a much better, trust worthy system. We have the commonwealth where we have countries that r proud to be part of the UK. Those who weren't left long ago. We don't have an army as big because... look at the size comparison! We have free health care, less racism, less corruption. We care more for the rest of the world, hence the reason we are no where near as hated. An American I knew once said 'We have to types of History, American history ,where we learn about America, and world history, where we learn about America.' That says it all really

tom GB Observer (3 months 9 days ago)

Sorry Alexis, I will agree that America is a country that has achieved a lot in its history, but to go as far to say that it has achieved way more than the UK is not true. First of all, your country is about 300 years old, mine is well over 500, and the country is older, and in that time we have achieved a lot. Television, creating the language you speak, the world wide web, cricket, rugby, football, tennis, golf. We are also a much safer country, as not anyone can own guns, and we haven't annoyed parts of the world as much as you have, thus there are less terrorist attacks here. It is fact that British children and more capable academically, and our free and excellent health care system allows help to all, not just the rich. We have a fair and more superior legal system, unlike yours which is tarnished by racism in the south. Your government does,t make sense, how a democrat is leader but there are more incredibly right wing republicans in the senate. They are however great countries

IDK Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (3 months 15 days ago)

I'm in America but I'd have to say United Kingdom, It's beautiful and less people and less drama, Yeah USA has a lil more fun but UK seems peaceful ,I have many of friends in the UK. It's fun talking to them and their accents are just awesome . I don't have anything against USA, We don't sit on our a**ses most of the time, and they don't drink tea most of the time lmfao

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