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ticktickBOOM US Voted for United States United States (1 day 8 hours ago)

I like both countrys though. The UK is a place I would love to visit someday. If it had been another country instead of the US I would have voted for UK. May both countries prosper and remain Allies forever.

ticktickBOOM US Voted for United States United States (1 day 8 hours ago)

To the guys who called all Americans, ignorant, racist, etc. You are wrong. Of coures some of us are like that, but if you say ALL us us are ignorant, that just means you know nothing about americans.

Anto James IN Voted for United States United States (6 days 2 hours ago)

USA is good for Christians from any nation in world.but Americans are not much interested in hindus and hate muslims.UK is still living in the old king and queen period,but USA lives in modern democracy

brit GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (6 days 8 hours ago)

All the Americans being racist are idiots, just because your country's too wimpy to let any Muslims in and our country is helping people endangered by war (which you seem to start/get involved in) no need to hate on us. And the reason the USA have a better army is simple: 1) Your country has at least 5 times our population therefore of course your gonna have a bigger army, plus the UKs' army is actually very powerful in comparison to it's size. 2) You spend a ton on your army because all you care about is killing Arabs and proving your power. If anyone actually went to the UK they would realise it's actually a great place with a lot of good things itself it's just we don't feel the need to tell the world. Most Americans (not all) are just big headed so they can't face the final fact: IF ENGLAND HADN'T INVADED THE US HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO IT'D BE HALF OF WHAT IT IS NOW THEREFORE AT THE BOTTOM OF ALL THIS IS ENGLAND STARTING YOUR COUNTRY AND WHAT IT IS NOW!

alice GB Observer (11 days 8 hours ago)

For me there are 3 people on this article: american nationalists, British nationalists and trolls

EnglandLOVERMe GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (14 days 5 hours ago)

OMG! England is so much better! I hate the fact that America call people who are just maybe Muslims or Indians "Native Americans" because it's kinda offending but look at England, they are so nice, so kind, in my school, there's more Muslims than any other religion. Just goes to show that England allows people like those to stay in their country and they DON'T call them names. America are just show-offs. I had an aunt who lived in America for so many years so when she came to vist England, she said "URGH, England is so ugly, America has tall buildings, everything" um, EXCUSE ME! ENGLAND IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN THE WORLD, 1000S OF TOURISDTS GO THERE EVERYDAY. I WANTED TO MURDER HER AND JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT SHE CATCHED THE LURGIES, SHE WAS A SHOW OFF NOW, ALWAYS SAYING AMERICA THIS, AMERICA THAT. WELL I'M SO SORRY YOU WEREN'T BLACK OR OLDER SO YOU COULD MARRY STUPID OBAMA. BLACK NIGGA IDIOT. YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST TRIEED . AMERICAS RUBBISH, BRITAINS AMAZING, THE BEST.

EnglandLOVERMe GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (14 days 5 hours ago)

England is obviously better. I mean, what show off does it take? So, waht if America has tall building and more famous movies? Doesn't matter cause it's not always about fame. About sports, Football is the most populist sport in the world and who the heck are there to call rugby "Football"? Cause, excuse me but in Rugby when do you use your foot so why in hell would you call it FOOTBALL? Oh and many people count a ball round not an oval big fat face. Plus the accent, England wins cause Americans love our accent. May sound snobby but it's amazing. Oh and England is still good at Rugby but America is totally rubbish at Football. You Americans are such show-offs and why the heck do you used our language?HUH! You don't have the right to change our words. Don't you have your own words to speak. And when you're using someone else's properties, then don't change it! PLEASE! I hate Americans and I always will.The only reason that on this website United State has 75% is cause US has more people

yeah US Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (16 days 13 hours ago)

Well if some Americans dislike us so much why do then need us to fight in wars that aren't any of our business and tbh the way you spell and speak some word is very VERY childish I mean who cane up with your accent a 3 year old playing with their aloominum rant over..... (oh and btw my house is older than your country just saying)

PRO IN Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (17 days 16 hours ago)

uk is beautiful...the people are sober n solemn..I luv it.

A brit GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (19 days 7 hours ago)


Richard US Observer (20 days 2 hours ago)

Im an american but I hate being american the u.s. has got a lot of issues the u.k.has more of its head on vs the u.s. and the u.s. is stupid and we need to quit putting our noses in every ones bussiness . I as an american want to apologize for the stupidity of americans

LiamB GB Observer (25 days 17 hours ago)

-_- i cant imagine many yanks will read this comment as they only like to read how great they are. I'd say the UK is better as we got the power and have the history to prove it. USA are the new kids to the block and constantly trying to prove themselves the superpower by all of these unnecessary wars but coming late to the ones that do matter. I respect USA but do not favor the ego they carry around. I can imagine you will respond with "american revolution" but you didn't solo it, you had Spain and France winning the war for ya. You don't hear them bragging because they don't need too. Also you only good to the moon as you took Nazi research on ballistic missiles and the scientists involved so still got that pride? eh whatever you may think we are stronger together and have the strongest relationships that any two countries have.

Guy GB Observer (26 days 12 hours ago)

I hope everyone realises that Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England are all part of the UK where are all the comments about Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Sam GB Observer (26 days 12 hours ago)

Everyone should stop with the false banter USA and The UK are on the same level, the best country in the world is actually Denmark they have the lowest crime rate and the happiest population overall, cheap or free child care, high gender equailty Denmark is the cloest we are ever gonna get to a perfect country.

Samuel GB Observer (26 days 12 hours ago)

I like how a the Americans say how they saved everyone in WW2 which is true but if you didn't intervene Germany would of just grew in power and took America out no problem. I also prefer the UK due to the better music I am a big fan of rock and some of the best rock bands (Queen) (Led Zeppelin) come from the Uk.

jrgeorge GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (26 days 16 hours ago)

the US would not exist without the UK so people of the US get you're head out you're a55e5 and just appreciate the UK rater than put it down. I SAY THEY ARE EQUAL AND ANYONE THAT SAYS OTHERWISE IS IGNORANT

jafoincalifornia US Voted for United States United States (27 days 4 hours ago)

Heck, you're right, the SAS has been captured 3 times in the past 8 years in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Even the Royal Marines were captured by Iran twice. The UK is a weak country and deserves to sever as bleeders in our conflicts. Which they served well in Iraq and Afgan. The UK saved American lives. The UK is nothing more than an American poodle. We tell the UK what to do, hahaha. The UK is nothing but an island full of funny talking people and a terrorist muslim population. Time to nuke them. After we demand our tridents back from them which we gave them on lease by the way, hahahaha. The UK can't do nothing with the USA. The Soviets would've taken them out years ago.

hahahahahahaha US Voted for United States United States (27 days 4 hours ago)

It's true, man. The UK is filled with Muslims and people who want to blow the UK up. The UK will become a new Muslim majority country in 2035. Heck, most of ISIS comes from the UK, lol. Goota love that cute British accent when he cuts peoples heads off. The UK fell many moons ago. Time to invade the UK and make it the 51st state. The UK is weak and powerless.

Jafoman US Voted for United States United States (27 days 5 hours ago)

The UK is now filled with M uslims and the British navy is now the same size as the US Coast Guard. Hence, the Royal Navy has to ride the US Navy wake, hahaha. I love the common British rebuttal: We taught you your language and gave you your country. Hahaha. Yet, Germanic tribes gave you English and your country, and Rome and Europe civilized Europe. It so seems, every country in the World has a booster seat, haha. Grow some common sense, Limeys. And brush your teeth more,lol.

Yankee US Voted for United States United States (27 days 5 hours ago)

The UK has been a puny island since WW2. Brits have to look in old history books for British greatness. Actually, nobody from the UK is alive today when the UK was a superpower. Because after WW1 the USA started to even up with the UK. I know what it feels like to live in a superpower. The UK has to read about it!! I was alive when the USA landed on the moon, even.

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By: Bob, May 14, 2009


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