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Amunli US Observer (5 days 29 minutes ago)

Of course, the British freeloaders get free health care for all their friends and family members in Spain!

ajgfafeeega GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (6 days 6 hours ago)

Oh come on, you people are saying that the UK never helps in wars. How stupid do you have to be? World War I: USA joins 3 years late and claims to be the best. World War II: USA joins 2 years late because they got attacked, not to help their allies. And all the recent wars, we helped in too. It just goes to show how ignorant some people from the USA are. And HELLO! The UK has FIVE TIMES FEWER PEOPLE than the USA and therefore NATURALLY has a smaller economy. Other things the UK has: Lower poverty rate 27 TIMES less murders Lower drinking age Better gun laws Better healthcare (which is free) Lower obesity rate London Lower unemployment rate MUCH better public transport systems etc. etc. etc. No brainer.

Amunli US Observer (19 days 4 minutes ago)

Also Mugabe is a great guy. Actually, a living hero. Africa less than .2% Anglo!

James GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (19 days 10 minutes ago)

Honestly, I can't believe you can say the USA is better? You say you have the best colleges, yet you think you invented everything? Like the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee did! He is British! You say you save our a** in every war, when you join a war effort when the opposition are losing! You say we don't help you in any wars? If your talking about Vietnam, a country that was fighting for their independence, As you fought against the UK while we were at war with France left us vulnerable. Ho Chi Minh Great guy. We get a free Health service, and your the country of the free? I'm sorry but the UK is far better.

Amunli US Voted for United States United States (22 days 4 hours ago)

As the UK is being outsourced by Germany, even Italy is a stronger industrial power than Great Britain, the secession of Scotland is only delayed not discarded so eventually Lil' Britain will be no different of Argentina, except that Argentina can feed continents, while England cannot feed a borough. The post-English England without any Empire to exploit is a burnt out shell. Just imagine when they hit the 70 millions, without industry, agriculture, and no longer Anglo. At least US has a future.

Mark GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (23 days 7 hours ago)

Uk has the NHS...instant win! Haha. Seriously though, I do love both countries, been on holiday to various US states so many times, and want to keep going back, but I will always vote for my home country as best. You can argue for and against both forever more and there will still never be a winner, but like I said, we have the NHS so we win :D

Uncle Sam US Voted for United States United States (28 days 23 hours ago)

The United States is so much better than the UK is that a question. For one thing we beat them in a two wars that we were clearly out numbered. I do think that the whole royal family thing is kinda cool but other wise we do have the freedom of the press and in the UK to do not have total freedom of the press there are some restriction. And we have the biggest economy in the world so who better you tell me From, Uncle Sam

NIdude GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 19 hours ago)

lets be sensible guys and not just say things we think are true because your country (America) indoctrinates u into the beleif u did everything first

IrishPlotter GB Observer (1 month 3 days ago)

Screw u all and shame on u why are u arguing u are allied countrys so just to annoy u all im going for Southern Ireland (MY COUNTRY YAY!!!!!).U can drunk and get away with it. There is jacsepticeye . Theres stupid drivers (such fun).Great cheap broadband.U can say feckin ediat without sounding wierd.It has the jolliness of America and the Humour of The UK. Whats not to love!?

Mrawesomeguy88 GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 4 days ago)

Uk because we have the smartest person ever Steve hawking plus we have great novels Harry potter the Lord of the rings yes it rains but that means in summer it will be lovely whitch it is we have made hilarious comedy's little Britain come fly with me Phoenix club and what have you made.We have the best drams coronation street and eastenders what have you got and what amazing books have you got.I do not mind the us but you brag about all the good things you and we're like ok you the first man on the do they ever shut up.Us good thing man on moon.uk good things discovered new countrys us au stopped ww2 ww1 helps poor people in Africa makes the world laugh helps keep peace in Africa ameruca world of the brave yea right you people can not take mud to the face your posh not The uk is amazing.

Mark Byers US Voted for United States United States (1 month 5 days ago)

America is the first nation in the world to be formed so that one could have the right to have leaders rule with the consent of the governed, and not through threat of force. We were formed on the basis that the lowest, most vile person has the same rights and basic liberties as parliament or the king.

Ethan Ng HK Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 6 days ago)

Those rubbish US people always say they help in the two world wars: Look, who's fought Hitler for 3 long years? The US only stole our effort and pretended to ''save the day'' while we were the ones who helped the most. To the hell with the US. Without us, you don't even have a nation, let alone your chance to go arrogant!

Jordan US Observer (1 month 11 days ago)


ksdkjh KH Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 13 days ago)

US is the land of the free and brave indeed. Thats why they discriminate black and muslim people and bomb people without actual fighting

Kradvor KH Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 13 days ago)

WWI: Britain, fight for our side! USA, fight if they shoot our ship down. WWII: Britain, fight against Hitler! USA, fight if they bomb us. Origin: Britain, very old USA, British pilgrims Life Expectancy: UK, higher USA, lower

Leah GB Observer (1 month 21 days ago)

Please, Dont Argue I Like America And Britain The same, I'm British But Please, Lets Not Argue. Who Cares if britain "Didnt Help" In The world war. Why Cant Britain And America Just Be Friends?

James Walters US Observer (2 months 3 days ago)

I don't think American people are better than the British people and vice versa, but I think the land in America is much better take a look at our snowy Alaskan mountains and our desert plateaus the jungles of Hawaii the grand canyon, niagra falls, the great lakes, new York city, and Los angeles, and so much more great city's, look at tropical florida, and California is just plain beautiful the vast forests of the Midwest and north east are home to over 13 billion trees, and the always warm climate of the southern states and the deserts of the south west, the rocky and Appalachian mountains and the best beaches in the world, the uk is also a great place, but the us will always be the jewel of the earth

Nirwan Minggu ID Observer (2 months 14 days ago)

God dam't I love U.S.

Claire US Observer (2 months 16 days ago)

The United States were the ones that defeated Japan and helped defeat Germany in World War Two. Also we have a very strong economy and people here earn a lot of money. We put the first man on the moon while UK clearly did not. We have some of the best well known colleges and schools in the world.

Code E MY Voted for United States United States (2 months 23 days ago)

I love american gangsters

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By: Bob, May 14, 2009


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