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Caster Velonx HK Observer (12 hours 33 minutes ago)

USA is better. Big Minded. Big Thinking. Cool people. Go for It mentality.

Ibrahim GB Observer (7 days 19 hours ago)

I'm British and I think that.. AMERICA RULES! !!!!! I LOVE AMERICA/AMERICANS

Neil IE Observer (19 days 1 hour ago)


Thomas Johns US Voted for United States United States (19 days 18 hours ago)

You brits keep saying we just sit on our a**es but if thats the case, why have we accomplished so much more? We have the worlds most powerful military, the best schools, a far higher GDP, Better hospitals and medicine, and a far better (although not perfect) system of government. Both counties are great but the english need to stop putting the US down.

PAKISTAN_TIGER PK Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (21 days 22 hours ago)

United Kingdom Voted by Me A Pakistani ! , I like Britishs and UK is beautiful and UK cares for All countries. They r nice peoples

Dono GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 5 days ago)

The U.S. Is isn't better than Britain they think they are you heard about that killing inside a church America is the worst country

Horsecowbearwolf US Observer (1 month 14 days ago)

Both are great they BOTH did great things why do I care which it better

rhe US Observer (1 month 14 days ago)

im sorry yeh but American language (ENGLISH) yeh... haha lol, anyway besides the point I love both. im from uk but im moving to America the monment I turn 19! I love both as much although I do love an American rom-com or an English soap p.s. you lot are getting harted

Amunli US Voted for United States United States (1 month 17 days ago)

If England is a superpower isn't in health services. Ashya King would be dead, if his parents didn't flee from England to Spain to get proper medical attention.

Wesley US Observer (1 month 19 days ago)

I'm honestly picking the US cuz its where I live. The UK is pretty powerful (a superpower even). Also, here in the States, not all of us eat burgers, drink beers and never get off our butts. There is a big misunderstnding here as well as how we think of the UK here in the US.

ZEPH GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 27 days ago)

f*** America uk rules also all you do all day is sit on your fat a**es and eat.

Alexis US Observer (1 month 30 days ago)

America is a whole lot safer than the U.K. Why? Because we have less terrorist attack in our country than Britain. Britain is a lot closer to Isis than the U.S is. Our army has has base's in different countries honestly the U.K doesn't have that. What do you think would happen if the U.S decided to bomb the U.K? We would probably in war for like 6 months only and then Britain would probably be part of the U.S. There would literally be no U.K if we decided to go to war with the U.K. I hope you all realize if the U.S decided to go to war with the U.K the U.S would win no question about it!!!!!

Tom US Observer (2 months 2 days ago)

If America hadn't protected the UK Germany would've won. I love America for me it's the best place on earth and nothing will ever change that. Our food it's great just like any other so it's stupid to argue about that, we have great universities better than any other place, probably many, many, many people from UK came here to study I can't say Americans would go to UK to study in one of your universities. America has always been the most influential country in the world, the one with the most powerful companies and people I still think it's really stupid to argue about other people's country but if you are gonna do it america is better.

John GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (2 months 2 days ago)

We did most of the work in WW1, we once ruled one-fifth of the world, we invented the affordable home computer (Sinclair ZX81, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum) and we have free healthcare that actually works! Sorry America, but your father won again.

Benm GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (2 months 3 days ago)

better health care, better dental care, lower crime rate, better schools, better literacy rate, better environmental goals, better travel links around out throughout Europe, better food, better history, better life expectancy and better arrogant and obnoxious culture. For all the smart arses who think we have bad teeth... We have one of the best dental care services in the world, you're is behind Poland... as is you're education overview.

Tapender Singh US Voted for United States United States (2 months 3 days ago)

The U.S. is far way better than the U.K. atleast we have equality opposite than the U.K.

MemeMan GB Observer (2 months 8 days ago)

UK WW2 while USA supplied them with weapons, and then came in to the war late, then they say they did all the work. USA is filled with people who cry FREEDOM when they are run by an evil imperialist dictator.

Hunter US Observer (2 months 13 days ago)

During ww1 United Kingdom and Germany had a stalemate. All united states did was come in and help uk end the state mate and winning the war for United Kingdom. And after that United States became a world power, which today we still are. And United States is always being attacked all the time and we appreciate that United Kingdom is there to help. so tbh both countries are great.

Alexis US Observer (2 months 18 days ago)

You know what, Britain literally left World War 2 early. Leaving the United States to fight Germany. We saved Britain's friggin butts, if it wasn't for us joining World War 2 Britain seriously would be part of Germany right now if it wasn't for the United States. We have saved your country not once but TWICE. You wanna know why everyone says we saved the UK's butts, because we did so don't try to say we didn't when we clearly did. We're not born into royalty or power, were actually voted. DON'T. FORGET WHAT COUNTRY IS RANKING 1 IN MILATARY. So seriously Britain just face the fact the United States is better than the UK!!!

Daniel Eden GB Observer (2 months 18 days ago)

The UK is way better. for those ignorant freaks in America who think they created English you're wrong we did it has a clue 'England' maybe some people are ignorant rude and selfish not all people are. If you visit places like Manchester we're all friendly. You have more terrorist cos you have a larger population. At least our police fource don't shoot black people. get a grip America we'll always be better no matter what.

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By: Bob, May 14, 2009


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