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jason mcgregor GB Observer (3 days 2 hours ago)

the united kingdom is obvs better

charlie GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (6 days 21 hours ago)

I am from Uk. I would say UK as we created America and our people are nicer. Yet, I like Obama more than Cameron. But something about the usa's fighting is just not right. Plus the americans on many shows try to act all posh when they do impressions of us. the only really posh place in uk is London.

Alan US Observer (18 days 17 hours ago)

Less violent crime in the USA than Britain. The gun deaths are mostly related to gang warfare and not a concern to the average law-abiding citizen.

Rick BR Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 20 days ago)

There a lot of countries better than those two. But none of those other countries can be worse than the USA. If there is something that kills more, and declares more wars than the USA. Please, tell me one that doesn't make famous with it and gets flattered because in the america there are Hollywood and Disney and... Neither of us does know what the hell is going on now in Iran. May the Usa have killed more people than Hitler during all of those years... And the people "No, Killing Jews is a sin, Hitler's a monster!!! But killing islamist... Well, what can I do? American's just doind what it must be done."

Sean US Voted for United States United States (1 month 25 days ago)

I really like both countries, as they have completely different lifestyles and are completely different. The only reason im going to have to vote for the US is because people in the UK can sometimes think a little TOO highly of themselves, and arrogance is common as they aren't too accepting, and I could tell they really don't like Americans at all. But other than the people in the UK, its a beautiful place to visit.

Johnathan US Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 27 days ago)

I am from america and I think both have their good and bad sides but I really like the UK when it comes to culture and and I think its cool that America was established from the UK

James GB Observer (2 months 14 days ago)

Murtaza go back to your own sh!t hole of a country if you don't like being here

Murtaza GB Voted for United States United States (2 months 22 days ago)

I LIVE IN UK uk is the worst place you can be and america is a BEEUUTTY never make the mistake to live in uk its boring as hell

Thom GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (3 months 16 days ago)

I picked UK, while I have no issues with the US. I think the UK health and educational systems are better. Also pretty much no gun crime at all. And for the most part really nice well mannered people. Although I think every country has idiots who let them down. Oh and in homage of how great, Great Britain is the US adopted English as there preferred language ;)

halomrblack GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (3 months 25 days ago)

I respect Emily and she is right about it so I am leaving this to you all but I would suggest we stop fighting we are the same people maybe not in the current generation but we have the same genetic code for being English, American German, French and all the other countries we are the same we are all human so please for the sake of yourself and stop you and me getting annoyed at this site just leave it and just think life is too short enjoy it while you have it so just leave here and go enjoy yourself I am going to do that now and I hope you all do the same thanks for reading my last posts here so fair well I hope o see you all later in life (o-o)/ bye

Emily US Observer (3 months 25 days ago)

I don't think anyone can judge this because none of you have lived in every single town in England or every state in the US. I have lived in a town in England all my life, but it doesn't mean I know what it's like in London or Liverpool. Now I am living in Washington DC, but it doesn't mean I know what it's like in Atlanta or Seattle... so everyone stop judging countries you know nothing about!

sarah GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (3 months 30 days ago)

let me just say some thing to you'ze, in Britain medical care is totally free while in America it can cost more than $8000 dollars. another reason in Britain it is compulsory to go to school and also school is free while in us you have to pay a lot to go to school. ANOTHER reason in Britain for primary school you wont have to buy your own books and supplies because they provide it for you. but in the us you have to buy every thing. in Britain if you don't have a job (full time parent) you have a benefit amount (provided by the government)o help you pay.do they have that in the us NO.in the uk they wear school uniform so there can be no competition with clothes. but in us you can wear any thing you want. the us is a more dangerous place to live in while in the uk there is so much to see so uk is better than the us derr dumbos!

Ryan Inagaki US Observer (4 months 6 hours ago)

Let me just say 1 thing. Id like to see britain try to go to war with the US. The US would literally demolish you guys. Thats why the US is a safer place with lively people that has a great sense of national pride and full of patriotism. While britain is just people who suppressed us from our full potential. But without Britain we wouldnt have learned from our mistakes and we are very fortunate to have such a great ally.

dun dun dun Observer (4 months 1 day ago)

US vs UK

_________________ Observer (4 months 1 day ago)

US vs UK

Plibbety Observer (4 months 1 day ago)

Yeah, the men who built america is a great show, it has a cool theme song. i wonder if there is a show like that for the uk

The person of peoples Observer (4 months 1 day ago)

You know, a bunch of this stuff is stereotypical. I am from the USA, but I don't exactly care, I just have a few arguments. One thing, we are equal, with the helping and all. Second of all, not all americans completely love their government, like me. Third of all(this is opinionated) you Brits came in and tried to burn our buildings just because we wanted to be different. Oh, and for the British people reading this, watch "The Men Who Built America", you might be surprised at our success.

Phillip GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (4 months 1 day ago)

Don't forget Britain took the front of the ww2 and America only joined in the end only when the Getmans attacked them. the British also started a lot of towns and the people in America .

Anarchy Observer (4 months 1 day ago)

It Depends What States... I'm From The US And Not Biased, Like Others. I Do Like The UK But The US Have California, New York, And Jersey... By The End Of The End.. Screw Both. Without One The Other Isn't Crap.

Mighty Kronos GB Observer (4 months 7 days ago)

The UK established the US. *facepalm* It's amazing how many people think US is better than UK.

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By: Bob, May 14, 2009


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