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MemeMan GB Observer (16 hours 13 minutes ago)

UK WW2 while USA supplied them with weapons, and then came in to the war late, then they say they did all the work. USA is filled with people who cry FREEDOM when they are run by an evil imperialist dictator.

Hunter US Observer (6 days 6 hours ago)

During ww1 United Kingdom and Germany had a stalemate. All united states did was come in and help uk end the state mate and winning the war for United Kingdom. And after that United States became a world power, which today we still are. And United States is always being attacked all the time and we appreciate that United Kingdom is there to help. so tbh both countries are great.

Alexis US Observer (10 days 15 hours ago)

You know what, Britain literally left World War 2 early. Leaving the United States to fight Germany. We saved Britain's friggin butts, if it wasn't for us joining World War 2 Britain seriously would be part of Germany right now if it wasn't for the United States. We have saved your country not once but TWICE. You wanna know why everyone says we saved the UK's butts, because we did so don't try to say we didn't when we clearly did. We're not born into royalty or power, were actually voted. DON'T. FORGET WHAT COUNTRY IS RANKING 1 IN MILATARY. So seriously Britain just face the fact the United States is better than the UK!!!

Daniel Eden GB Observer (10 days 16 hours ago)

The UK is way better. for those ignorant freaks in America who think they created English you're wrong we did it has a clue 'England' maybe some people are ignorant rude and selfish not all people are. If you visit places like Manchester we're all friendly. You have more terrorist cos you have a larger population. At least our police fource don't shoot black people. get a grip America we'll always be better no matter what.

James GB Observer (12 days 17 hours ago)

What language do you speak...oh yea, English And u believe that u saved us in WW1 and 2? lol i just laugh at that....in each 1 u joined late when Germany was already starting to lose forces and u act like you saved the day. WOW.

James GB Observer (12 days 17 hours ago)

Americans bang on about USA being the country of freedom and justice.....what makes USA more 'free' than Britain....nothing, maybe you should all get used to the fact that other countries have as many rites as you

James GB Observer (12 days 17 hours ago)

Obviously they're gonna get more votes, there's 600,000,000 of them

James GB Observer (12 days 17 hours ago)

USA think they're the best country in the world and they're wrong

fast man GB Observer (12 days 22 hours ago)

1.4 million of americans are part of a street gang. In the richest country in the world that is just stupid

Haydn US Observer (13 days 7 hours ago)

Except few things such as medical insurance, the United States is much better not only than UK but among other countries as well.

Hello :) US Observer (15 days 11 hours ago)

1. We are number one in foreign aid 2. We helped the UK during World War Two by establishing the Lend-Lease Act which help to provide the UK Industrial machinery, raw materials and fuels made up about a quarter of shipments, and food products roughly 14 percent 3. We do not have a family born into power we vote for who we want in power 4. We won The American Revolutionary War and tied when the War of 1812 happened 5. We were the first national to put in motion the freedom of speech 6 We inspire another country to want freedom of speech (French Revolution) 7. We have not established obesity as a disability 8. We tip better 9. We are a divided nation, sadly, but we are willing to come together during devastations such as Hurricane Katrina. 10. We have the best military in the world 11. We were the first to establish national parks 12. We elected a minority into our top leadership position 13.We have better teeth 14. We produce more blockbusters 15. Jazz & rock & roll were

Jay IN Observer (15 days 19 hours ago)

I think the numbers speak for themselves...sure we may not be perfect but i've lived in UK for 2 years and I could not wait to go back home. its pretty obvious that today, its not even a comparison. The UK had its turn in being the dominant world power, now its our turn

Alexis US Observer (16 days 5 hours ago)

Okay you all think the UK is better NOT, the United States is so much better. First off the United States is bigger than the UK, Second the United States is the country of freedom and justice for all, Third the United States ranks #1 in the most poweful army, Fourth the United States got dragged into the war while they were facing there own problems and still won, Finally the United States came up with the medal warfare ships, In all the United States is way better than the UK.

Amunli US Observer (21 days 11 hours ago)

Of course, the British freeloaders get free health care for all their friends and family members in Spain!

ajgfafeeega GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (22 days 17 hours ago)

Oh come on, you people are saying that the UK never helps in wars. How stupid do you have to be? World War I: USA joins 3 years late and claims to be the best. World War II: USA joins 2 years late because they got attacked, not to help their allies. And all the recent wars, we helped in too. It just goes to show how ignorant some people from the USA are. And HELLO! The UK has FIVE TIMES FEWER PEOPLE than the USA and therefore NATURALLY has a smaller economy. Other things the UK has: Lower poverty rate 27 TIMES less murders Lower drinking age Better gun laws Better healthcare (which is free) Lower obesity rate London Lower unemployment rate MUCH better public transport systems etc. etc. etc. No brainer.

Amunli US Observer (1 month 4 days ago)

Also Mugabe is a great guy. Actually, a living hero. Africa less than .2% Anglo!

James GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 4 days ago)

Honestly, I can't believe you can say the USA is better? You say you have the best colleges, yet you think you invented everything? Like the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee did! He is British! You say you save our a** in every war, when you join a war effort when the opposition are losing! You say we don't help you in any wars? If your talking about Vietnam, a country that was fighting for their independence, As you fought against the UK while we were at war with France left us vulnerable. Ho Chi Minh Great guy. We get a free Health service, and your the country of the free? I'm sorry but the UK is far better.

Amunli US Voted for United States United States (1 month 7 days ago)

As the UK is being outsourced by Germany, even Italy is a stronger industrial power than Great Britain, the secession of Scotland is only delayed not discarded so eventually Lil' Britain will be no different of Argentina, except that Argentina can feed continents, while England cannot feed a borough. The post-English England without any Empire to exploit is a burnt out shell. Just imagine when they hit the 70 millions, without industry, agriculture, and no longer Anglo. At least US has a future.

Mark GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 8 days ago)

Uk has the NHS...instant win! Haha. Seriously though, I do love both countries, been on holiday to various US states so many times, and want to keep going back, but I will always vote for my home country as best. You can argue for and against both forever more and there will still never be a winner, but like I said, we have the NHS so we win :D

Uncle Sam US Voted for United States United States (1 month 14 days ago)

The United States is so much better than the UK is that a question. For one thing we beat them in a two wars that we were clearly out numbered. I do think that the whole royal family thing is kinda cool but other wise we do have the freedom of the press and in the UK to do not have total freedom of the press there are some restriction. And we have the biggest economy in the world so who better you tell me From, Uncle Sam

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By: Bob, May 14, 2009


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