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TIGER PK Observer (2 days 23 hours ago)

UK is better, They are real peaceful peoples, froM Pakistan

Calum GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (3 days 4 hours ago)

I definitely think the UK is better. If it wasn't for the UK there would be no America. You seem to boast at how u saved us in WW2, created/ invented more but really you've done no more than anyone else. Yes you did greatly help the UK, I'm not gonna deny that. You take credit for things that aren't even urs! You slag off our monarchy saying we're stuck in the past. Our country is run by our government, not our monarchy. We have a much better, trust worthy system. We have the commonwealth where we have countries that r proud to be part of the UK. Those who weren't left long ago. We don't have an army as big because... look at the size comparison! We have free health care, less racism, less corruption. We care more for the rest of the world, hence the reason we are no where near as hated. An American I knew once said 'We have to types of History, American history ,where we learn about America, and world history, where we learn about America.' That says it all really

tom GB Observer (6 days 11 hours ago)

Sorry Alexis, I will agree that America is a country that has achieved a lot in its history, but to go as far to say that it has achieved way more than the UK is not true. First of all, your country is about 300 years old, mine is well over 500, and the country is older, and in that time we have achieved a lot. Television, creating the language you speak, the world wide web, cricket, rugby, football, tennis, golf. We are also a much safer country, as not anyone can own guns, and we haven't annoyed parts of the world as much as you have, thus there are less terrorist attacks here. It is fact that British children and more capable academically, and our free and excellent health care system allows help to all, not just the rich. We have a fair and more superior legal system, unlike yours which is tarnished by racism in the south. Your government does,t make sense, how a democrat is leader but there are more incredibly right wing republicans in the senate. They are however great countries

IDK Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (13 days 2 hours ago)

I'm in America but I'd have to say United Kingdom, It's beautiful and less people and less drama, Yeah USA has a lil more fun but UK seems peaceful ,I have many of friends in the UK. It's fun talking to them and their accents are just awesome . I don't have anything against USA, We don't sit on our a**ses most of the time, and they don't drink tea most of the time lmfao

Alexis US Observer (13 days 10 hours ago)

Are you serious right now!? For your information America just happened to be the first country on the moon and we will be the first country to send people to Mars. If we bombed Britain we probably could get Mexico, Asia, and Canada to back us up. So don't even go there, the U.S is way better and we have invented way more stuff than Britain ever did or ever has. NASA has the best engineers and scientist in the world. So seriously BACK OFF and just admit how the U.S. is better that Britain!!!!

TIGER PK Observer (20 days 1 hour ago)

Wow... Harry Good Explaination

Harry GB Observer (20 days 8 hours ago)

Lol it makes me laugh how ignorant some blind american partriots are. For sure America may look nicer, have better standards of living in some parts and maybe more powerful (due to its size, exploitation and population), may I point out if you look around and learn your history, you should see that the Uk has invented a hell of a lot that jas made your country and without britain, you wouldnt exist. Futhermore, america's gang crime, homocide and obesity rate is through the roof and you lost in the middle east and south east asia not long ago and your pentagon almost got blown up, so in terms of quality and control, the UK takes the lead. And if The Us tried to attack us, WE WOULD fight back and have Europe, Australia and maybe China and Russia to back us up, so america, you don't have that much to brag about. Enjoy ur country whilst it lasts before your economy completely corrupts or you get nuked by Europe, and try not to shoot eachother before then ;)

TIGER PK Observer (21 days 6 minutes ago)

Well UK is the Beautiful land. beautiful peoples. we pakis are nice friends of UK.

linth GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (22 days 18 hours ago)

England has better (FREE) health care, better crime rate, was one of the most powerful country's in the world and still is, Despite what people say UK could have held out in WW1 and 2 we have our coastline to thank for that and every other person is Europe wants to get in (Benefits ;P)

Caster Velonx HK Observer (28 days 2 hours ago)

USA is better. Big Minded. Big Thinking. Cool people. Go for It mentality.

Ibrahim GB Observer (1 month 4 days ago)

I'm British and I think that.. AMERICA RULES! !!!!! I LOVE AMERICA/AMERICANS

Neil IE Observer (1 month 15 days ago)


Thomas Johns US Voted for United States United States (1 month 16 days ago)

You brits keep saying we just sit on our a**es but if thats the case, why have we accomplished so much more? We have the worlds most powerful military, the best schools, a far higher GDP, Better hospitals and medicine, and a far better (although not perfect) system of government. Both counties are great but the english need to stop putting the US down.

PAKISTAN_TIGER PK Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 18 days ago)

United Kingdom Voted by Me A Pakistani ! , I like Britishs and UK is beautiful and UK cares for All countries. They r nice peoples

Dono GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (2 months 2 days ago)

The U.S. Is isn't better than Britain they think they are you heard about that killing inside a church America is the worst country

Horsecowbearwolf US Observer (2 months 11 days ago)

Both are great they BOTH did great things why do I care which it better

rhe US Observer (2 months 11 days ago)

im sorry yeh but American language (ENGLISH) yeh... haha lol, anyway besides the point I love both. im from uk but im moving to America the monment I turn 19! I love both as much although I do love an American rom-com or an English soap p.s. you lot are getting harted

Amunli US Voted for United States United States (2 months 13 days ago)

If England is a superpower isn't in health services. Ashya King would be dead, if his parents didn't flee from England to Spain to get proper medical attention.

Wesley US Observer (2 months 16 days ago)

I'm honestly picking the US cuz its where I live. The UK is pretty powerful (a superpower even). Also, here in the States, not all of us eat burgers, drink beers and never get off our butts. There is a big misunderstnding here as well as how we think of the UK here in the US.

ZEPH GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (2 months 23 days ago)

f*** America uk rules also all you do all day is sit on your fat a**es and eat.

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