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soph US Observer (3 days 18 hours ago)

The UK all the way, so many advantages that don't exist in America!

Mike US Voted for United States United States (4 days 20 hours ago)

A guy from Birmingham UK calling the NY accent annoying? That's funny. I lived in the West Midlands of England for 5 years. And traveled to many other areas. I kissed the ground when I got off the plane on US soil. The British act elite, and I see no reason why. The healthcare is free, but the worst. Food is bad. They think their education is better, but far from it. The people are far more rude. And I can tell you, I can't see more obesity in the US than UK. And 75% of the people I met said they'd rather live in the US. Do I hate the UK? Nope. Plenty I enjoyed there. Plenty of people I've met who I really liked. I just hate the elite British who act above the US when there's really nothing granting that right. Why do I prefer living in the US? As a fellow American who lived in the UK said it once, "They don't have what we have."

Makuda UG Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (15 days 6 hours ago)

I have to say that I fully support the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, America and their unjust imperialism needs to be destroyed

Alexander GB Observer (21 days 17 hours ago)

i lived in america for 8 months when i was 15 and im not 17... america is a holiday destination, and that at best. coming fromthe uk i can happily say i would never live their, only holiday their, i go to Miami for 3 weeks every summer with my dad and little sisters, and honestly, their are only a handful of americans that we can actually get along with and have a laugh their humour is so poor and they do not understand sarcasm. most americans are not intelligent what so ever, and in the time iv been to america, all of the americans we have met seem to envy us as we are english.. their is no culture over their, most of them are superficial and are just plain idiots.

Chris O'Brien US Observer (22 days 23 hours ago)

I love America but it seems like life would be more relaxed in UK, which is really nice.

Ben Abbott GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (23 days 8 hours ago)

I live in the heart of England, Birmingham. (Not in Alabama) and when i went to New York the most popular place it was awful because the food was only made of fat so no wonder why you are the second fattest nation on Earth. Also you have the most annoying accents ever and you cant even say words like aluminium properly. You are always telling us how we look at the past but all you ever seem to talk about is how we would have been German if it hadn't have been for you. Battle of Britain. Finally the most important thing that we gave to you is our language otherwise you would be speaking spanish and what is the best thing that you have given to us? Mmm maybe an iPhone

alice GB Observer (26 days 11 hours ago)

they are both equal. Take away the military aspect and what do you have? two very diferent countries. You can't say one is better than the other because one isn't they are simply different. It's like saying that a banana is better then a orange becuase it's yellow. That's an opinion that would be wrong in one persons point of view. there's just no point

Jason US Voted for United States United States (1 month 1 day ago)

USA is one of the best places to be. UK is good for healthcare, education and proximity to europe. The English are some of the most unfriendliest, rude, selfish, judgemental and uncaring people I have ever met. No community, morals or family values. Still think they are better than everyone else and old fashion mentalities and attitudes still hold true to this day. Racism and social prejudice is a big thing in the UK but they hide it well. Living in the US for 3 years now and I love it. So much freedom for work opportunities, people are lot more friendly and open, girls are so much prettier and caring. Sense of community and justice. Hard work, aspirations and success is encouraged and admired unlike the UK. United States is 10 times a better country than the UK in all areas providing you want to work hard and do well.

Jake GB Observer (1 month 4 days ago)

Given our current situation in the world both the UK and the USA are coming out on top. Both countries are the fastest growing economies in the Western World and the forefront of creativity and innovation. To simply compare the two countries to military history is absurd, we need to compare the greater factors. Our relationship has been built on working together and there is no such relationship exist with any other two countries (As far as we know). The argument isn't about who is the best it's about how we can carry on being the best, to make sure our grandchildren can have this argument in 50 years time. God Save The Queen, God Bless America.

Aden GB Observer (1 month 5 days ago)

A quote, "Jazz is, as I would say, Americas greatest gift to the world," He said "Alright, do you know what England's greatest gift to the world is?" He replied. "No?" He said. "America." He answered.

Rami Ghanem GB Observer (1 month 12 days ago)

Britain, obviously. If the US fights Russia, there is no way we are getting dragged in.

S.A.S 22 REG GB Observer (1 month 15 days ago)

To our dear American Tribes. The S.A.S 22 Regiment still exist so please don't make us out to be something of the past - We still exist and we still put the fear of God in those who we suspect dangerously wrong. Nobody has took out our Army which is why we still exist.. and still stick to the motto "British Army - Be The Best". America have a big Army, fair enough but that does not make them the best. Any man can kill, We learn how not to get killed which puts us miles ahead. Finally, I have many Irish freinds, Whoe are in the British Army... And finally id like to inform you... I am an Ex Commander... British S.A.S 21 Reg - Half irish Half British Blood. PS. Who Dares Wins :)

halomrblack GB Observer (1 month 17 days ago)

I don`t know whyyou are all fighting we might be having world war 3 and we know US will be the first in and we will be brang in with them so don`t fight eachoter we will be fighting together soon SO STOP FIGHTING OVER SMALL THINGS

sumit US Observer (1 month 21 days ago)

I have lived in UK for 8 years and now I am living in USA for past 2 years. USA is like 10 times better place and better people . UK is all about falseness and rudeness. USA is a melting pot. God bless USA.

Sam GB Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 month 22 days ago)

Listen America in your war of independence the French and Spanish both provided troops against us. And world war 2 thanks for coming late whilst we defended the west from hitters tyranny. You're also welcome for the Korean War and the Middle East wars. Another thing all british stories such as "the great escape' there was 3 American soldiers in that prisoner of war camp? You're also welcome for our language. What help came from you in the falkland war ? Our empire was the largest ever and we controlled you. You bang on about the independence war have you seen the size of USA TO Britain ? You're all mugs thinking you live in the land of the free aswell , Edward snowden proves that

max Observer (1 month 24 days ago)

Listen Brits.... You HAD the best army. That ended when a small militia took out your Army. you found the colonies babe not the whole US. The UK was founded many many years before America so you cant compare. The colonies had no strategic planning, no type of money but we still ended up beating your big bad army. And currently America has the best army in the world so. You know whats funny Ireleand didnt want your crap and receeded also but you want to get mad cause we fought back and we top you in many things so it be good to stop brining up your lame wikipedia searched statistics

safia shire US Observer (1 month 27 days ago)

UK. Peoplen say we are rude and racist, but we are not all like that. You can't just say we are rude after meeting a group of people from London. I come from north London and the place I live is full of nice people some rude but not everybody is the same.

Nic GB Observer (1 month 28 days ago)

Uhm USA kept the slave trade 50 years after the UK the feminist movement wasnt for 60 yrs after the UK and Nazism and the KKK is still present in the USA Land of the free i don't think so P.S The S.A.S The Royal Family Margret Thatcher these people make me PROUD TO BE BRITISH

Liam Byrne GB Observer (2 months 2 days ago)

Most peoples opinions about where they would rather live are influenced by film. The fact that the USA make the most popular films will obviously be bias. To want to live in either country you should visit the non tourist areas and both have good and bad aspects.

Jessie Kinsey US Voted for United Kingdom United Kingdom (2 months 4 days ago)

I find the history of the UK very fascinating. The country is more beautiful than America. Not that America isn't beautiful, it is. However, it doesn't compare (in my opinion) to the UK. It's a different kind of beauty. Not to mention the castles from the middle ages are fascinating. You just do not see that here. As far as the debates going on regarding events happening in the 1800s or prior; I think that's unfair considering none of us where alive back then. Both countries are different now then they were then. Run by different people. That doesn't prove which is better today. Which in my opinion, none is better. It's all a matter of preference in where you would rather live.

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By: Bob, May 14, 2009


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